July 25, 2016

Maternity Fashion | My pregnancy style without breaking the bank

For maternity wear, I didn't want to overdo on buying too many or too pricey items because the wardrobe seemed so fleeting, only being worn for less than 9 months. So this is my personal experience in curating an affordable maternity wardrobe collection, being able to still look modern without breaking the bank.

For the first half of pregnancy, you can get away with your regular tops if you have some loose/flowy ones in your wardrobe. It's usually the bottom that needs some sort of adjustment.

I wear business casual attire for work. I found that maternity wear really lacks in good quality dress pants. I actually didn't buy any maternity dress pants or jeans the whole time. Instead, I relied on maternity band to hold up my regular unbuttoned pants. This also came in handy in the immediate postpartum period. There is the original bellaband, and the brand also made one for Target.


When I couldn't even put my regular pants past my hips anymore, I turned to leggings. I bought several maternity leggings, but I tended to reach for this reliable pair most often. It doesn't pill, isn't see-through, and the waistband sat at a comfortable position on the belly.

For maternity dresses and tops, majority of my shopping was done online at Zulily. I've heard of the site before, but didn't know much about it prior to my pregnancy. It is a flash sale site providing reasonably priced items. The dresses I got from here I wore to work and on weekends. There wasn't one item that I bought that I thought was poor quality, and I received frequent compliments on the dresses.

I choose online over in-store shopping any day. This is the only other online place that I shopped for maternity clothes. They have cute dresses, especially for special occasions. The two dresses worn below are from here.

ASOS dress (here)

So I didn't have any chance to use this website, but I looked through it as I was contemplating on traveling to a formal event towards the end of my pregnancy. I'm a fan of Rent the Runway, so I'm glad there is a similar site for maternity wear. Although the selection isn't as wide as Rent the Runway, it is great if you don't want to shell out a lot on a dress that you would just wear once.


  1. Beautiful :)


  2. Gorgeous photos! I wore a lot of dresses and wore my belly band a lot when I was pregnant.

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