July 20, 2016

New Chapter

Helloo, I'm back! I've been MIA for a while. This is not an outfit post, but a brief note to explain my absence to the readers who have followed along for a while. There were many reasons for my blogging hiatus. I transitioned into a new job, moved to a new place, expanded my family, and just overall got busy with life. I started blogging as a side hobby for fun. However, it started to feel like it was becoming more of a chore, with personally feeling like I should try to keep up with regular content and I just lost the motivation and inspiration to blog. I stopped all fashion blogging things for close to a year. I haven't logged into my blog account, email, or social media, and haven't read any other fashion blogs this whole time! So now, after a long breather, I feel refreshed and am starting to get my mojo back. So here I am...with a new addition :) During my time off, I also went through pregnancy and am now a new mommy to a precious baby boy. I am going to start blogging for fun again, so which means it may be less regular posting, especially as I am juggling a new baby and full time job! Thanks for reading and for continuing this journey with me!


  1. Oh my gosh Suzie congratulations!!!! So happy to hear about the amazing new addition. If you're still in the city, would love to catch up with you! :)))

  2. Your baby boy is beyond beautiful! Congratulations!
    Big hugs,


  3. Wow so many new and exciting things that happened for you! Everyone needs a little refresher / break from blogging once in a while!



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