My name is Suzie, a San Francisco girl at heart, transplanted to New York City. This personal style blog was started as a creative outlet, an escape from my typical fast-paced, unrelated work field.

Several years ago, I fought (and won) a stage 4 cancer, and I have learned to cherish life and youth, and to just do the things that I love without any reservations. This fashion blog is just that. This blog was started in early 2012, when I was still growing out my hair from my chemo days.  I believe beauty is about loving yourself from within and fashion is used as a form of self-expression—a way to play with your exterior, on how you want to be transformed into the way you want to feel at that particular moment. I am inspired all the time with fashion, and I hope this blog provides some inspiration as well. Thanks for reading and sharing this journey with me!